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6 Confessions of a Coffeeholic

The fresh scent of coffee, wafting in the air as soon as you open the can of beans/powder is one of the great ways to start any day, in my not so humble opinion. It takes time to master the art of coffee making, especially when it comes to that particular flavor, which you prefer and that too early in the morning, every single morning.

My obsession for coffee began while I was studying in the higher grades, trying to keep up during exam times to study late into the night (because that is when we ACTUALLY study, no matter what the experts ask us to do). There are so many different kinds of beans out there, combinations of which can lead to an even interesting and sometimes not so exciting flavors. My point is, you need to try it to know it. 

I am a die hard coffee lover and here are my confessions:

1. One cup a day is never enough:

I'm sure this stands true for every coffee drinker out there. How can simply one cup of that steaming, bubbling, aromatic beverage, ever be enough? One in the morning and one the evening are absolutely compulsory to get through the day. Sometimes, maybe you get to sneak in a few more cups, which counts as a great achievement, just because.

2. Cannot function without it:

Even if it is all in the head, I really, truly, heartily believe that my coffee completes me. Without that first cup in the morning I confess I'm not a very nice person. (My friends and family can assure you about that one). It is just impossible to not fall asleep during those 8:30 classes without a warm cup of coffee before. No matter how many hours of sleep you manage to get, that steamy cup of coffee, just sitting on the counter, is the key to a successful and happy day ahead.

3. It's an excuse to drink from my favorite mug/s (not just any cup):

It is the personification of your deepest desires...your coffee mug. You see it everyday, you use it more than once in a day and you cannot for the life of you imagine drinking coffee from any other cup. It can be your favorite for more than one reason but the point is that you are simply used to seeing it, using it and storing it in that tiny little space beside the other cups that is just reserved for it. 

4. Having a collection of mugs:

I am a little obsessed with coffee mugs and happen to have a private collection of them. Raise your hand if you're in my team.

5.Coffee Coffee Everywhere:

From coffee ice cream and coffee flavored toffees to coffee flavored biscuits and that new coffee in the newest coffee place in that far corner of some street... everything and anything goes. If its about coffee, just count us in.

6. Can live without love, cannot survive without coffee:

It is one mantra worth a lifetime of experience and you know it. Coffee always loves you back and living a life without coffee is simply not an existence worth trying. You have theories and philosophies about coffee that are in any case undeniable. 
  • Coffee equals great productivity.
  • Coffee makes me happy.
  • Coffee is my companion.
  • Coffee makes me nicer.
And more....way more. Loving coffee is love in its purest and truest forms. We may take our coffee in so many different ways but all that matters, even at the end of the day after all that tiring and stressful work, is coming back to that mug of coffee. And then tomorrow comes...
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