Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Black Coffee

You walk right out of bed, with your hair looking like a crow's nest and your feet lazily tucked into your slippers. You're not even fully awake yet, but you're habituated enough to perform the routine without even opening your eyes.

So you just rub your eyes, get your cup out, hold it out under the water filter, till its filled to the right level and then stick it into the microwave and shut the door to it. When its warm enough you can spoon in just the right amount of coffee into it and then just stay there, enjoying the aroma of pure black coffee.

The Key to a Perfect Cup,...

Is to not add sugar.

Any sane person who loves Black coffee knows this. Sugar isn't good for your coffee. It entirely suppresses the bitterness of strong and pure coffee.

Before you tell me, that's the whole point of adding sugar...hear me out.

Take a sip

You won't like it. For most, its an acquired taste. For some, you take right to it. 
Its too bitter when its cold and too sweet with the sugar. Its bland if its not black enough and unbearable if its "too" black.

To get just the right amount of coffee into your morning, you'd have to be an avid coffee lover, who is actually willing to go through all those trial and error experiences, to get you to the perfect cup full of hot, fresh, nice black coffee.

Yeah, I just had mine. Good Morning Y'all :p

Sunday, December 10, 2017

When Snow Simmered

Open Day at Loreto College is a food and fun Fete.

The students raise money by selling homemade food and articles and the profits made, are given to NGOs as charity money, or as clothes and food to the poor on the streets.

As the name suggests, Open Day is open to all. People from different colleges, friends, family and colleagues all step in to buy items, have food, dance to their favourite records and have fun at Loreto.

This Open Day

Mahasweta and I decided to step out of the "Loreto students' entrepreneurship", and step into "Independent entrepreneurship". So under our Principal's "Young Lady Entrpreneurs" innitiative, we set up a stall with other companies and establishments, to not just start our new venture, but to also check out our standing.

MENU!!! (Snowy Simmer)

We had 
  • Choco Ridges (chococolate cake with dark chocolate icing, sprinkles and cherry on the top!)
  • Chocolate Cakes (A loooot of chocolate cake with chocolate chips, cranberries and sprinkles)
  • Butterscotch Cake (Double layered with cherry on the top)
  • Choco Cupcakes (Each one designed uniquely)
  • Cranberry Cookies
  • Choco Chip Cookies
  • Candy Pops!
Our stall, "Snowy Simmer", was a success from the beginning. Items started selling out, even before I got there in the first place. You couldn't imagine the smile Mahasweta gave me as I rushed in late, with my backpack, cookies and cakes, with Neelu.

Safe to say, I was late. Traffic, 3 cakes, 2 boxes of me? Of course, I was late. (None of my fault though)

So I flew into the room and I see my partner doing buisiness like a pro at a cake stall without a knife, a tablecloth or even the money bag. 

M: "Where were you?!"
S: "Umm, traffic?"
M (shaking her head and smiling): "Get the tablecloth out, we're in buisiness!"

Customer Service

Is difficult. Period.

Customers need boxes, they need toothpicks, spoons, tissue papers, bins, 20 requests per minute and they NEVER come individually, bringing entire groups in, crowding at your stall.

We had times when all we did was Snapchat and click pictures (with filters and maybe on DSLRs).
Then there were times when we both were simply scrambling around to get the tissues and toothpicks and paper plates and change in time. 

There were even times when either Maha or I went around selling cookies right from the jar to even the other stalls nearby. (XD that was fun)

She Caught me Once:

I was out there on one of my "rounds" with the cookie jar, which basically consisted of going around and checking out good stuff to buy, chatting around and having more food. 

There I was, offering one free cookie to one of my friends and I whispered,
"Don't tell Maha I gave you this. Shhh", when I hear "Sanchariiiii, this is nooot how you sell stuff!"

Mahasweta caught me. :( 
But then she burst out laughing 2 seconds later, so I kind of sighed and laughed nervously too.
What? I'm a nice person and I'd give you a free cookie too. ;)

Serving Friends:

Needless to say, we pulled in too many classmates, friends, teachers and others to our stall, marketing and advertising like crazy.

We received an order for a birthday cake! That was the highlight of the day.
Maha had managed to get hold of one of her seniors and persuade him to come to our Fete. He and his friend are now going to be our first official customers to actually place an order for a cake. (Good news, good news all the way.)

Partner Rocks:

We wouldn't even have broken even had it not been for Maha's amazing marketing skills, crazy dedication and absolutely remarkable talent.

The idea may initially have been mine, but the thing is that without Miss Mahasweta Chakraborty, it would have been just another one of my crazy ideas. 
She made our dream come true. Had she not agreed to partner up with me (lazy, crazy, always me), Snowy Simmer would have been another dream away.

Ooh and We wore SheIn!

We had both placed orders at before the fete and we had expected our clothes to come on time. Somehow by the time we came up with the idea of the stall, we both decided that we wanted to wear new Shein stuff for the opening. 

Maha's order was late, but JUST IN TIME. Her order arrived the day before Open Day while mine had already come in ages ago. We were absolutely able to simmer with our new favourite sweatshirts that day. <3

In fact, I'd do it all over agian. :D

Monday, November 27, 2017

How we finally got to watch Justice League

Saturday morning began with my daily routine of groaning, whining, rolling in bed and getting back up to get ready for class.

We Loretoites do have college on Saturdays and believe me, I'm tired of reminding my own parents about that.

Justice League had been my daily cartoon/ panacea/ drug for most of my childhood and then Marvel was able to come up with a MOVIE on it, but most of my friends had bailed on me and my sister was too far away then to drag her along. So, I did the one thing I could do ...I got ready for class.

What was normal about the day

I got late.

Now our class has this special system of recording latecomers and devising ways of how to stall the professor so we (the latecomers) can arrive by the time the "attendance register" comes into the scene. 

So as is usual, I dropped in a message on WhatsApp in our class group saying "LATE".
Image result for late gif

I missed the metro

Nothing unusual. Every single time I am in time for my auto to the metro (which takes me to my college), some moron decides to hold the traffic longer by driving their huge vehicle in the super-narrow lane at the speed of 10km/hour. I am not even kidding.
That is absolutely why I'm late for my metro. (Usually. But I have better excuses too...usually.)

How Things Got Set Into Motion

Me: "I'm late and I wanna go watch JL" 
Mouli: "Me too."
Me: "Do you think we can miss classes during the second half?"
Mouli: "We have field report...can't miss" 
Me (rolling my eyes): "First half? Just slowwwwwly walk away from class"
Mouli: "I'm late, not even in class. Tell me where to get down."
Me (absolutely awake by now): "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Meet me at ***"
Once Mouli reached the station I realized that the movie had already started playing at the hall we were planning on going to.

Mouli: BANTU! We could have gone to the other station for that other movie hall. Why did you ask me to get down??????
Me: Maaf kar de maatey. Lets go now, we can still make it. 20 minutes in hand.

Reaching Awaited Destination

We ran. Literally.
Into the next metro....up the stairs...from the station....down the the mall.

Miraculously, for the first time in a long time in my life, the elevator was actually working at this crucial point. We rode it up to the hall and were then informed that the movie wouldn't even start before 10. (Phew, It was the first time I'd reached a hall before the national anthem began playing.)

Mouli was dumb enough to hand over her lunchbox, while I simply tucked mine beneath tonnes of files in my bag, so we wouldn't have to get salty popcorn later. (Genius <3)

Image result for girls having fun gif

Later On...

We actually went to class for the field classes that day. ( After taking back Mouli's tiffin box back, of course.)

We took a deep breath as we stepped into class. 
To our nerdy minds' relief, there had been no classes of importance that day and we had finally been able to watch what we had been pining away after for soooooo long.

To me, the best part wasn't just having watched my childhood superheroes on screen again. It was the feeling of sisterhood I shared with a kindred spirit who knew my heroes as well as I knew them, shared my fangirl moments with me and definitely drooled over Aquaman and SUPERMAN along with me. XD

Thanks Moulaaaaay! I wouldn't have gone, if you hadn't been as late, as lazy and as impulsive as me. <3

Image result for girls having fun gif

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Smile We Fake

There comes a day when you wake up and all you want to is to go back to sleep. Reality isn't what it used to be and doesn't mean as much to you anymore.

Even heaving yourself up from the bed seems like a job. You just throw your right arm over your eyes and stay there wondering for a minute: "Do I really need to wake up today?"

Life doesn't stop though and wait for you to come up to speed. It just goes on. Life has a momentum that is unnerving sometimes, irritating many a times and hard to keep up with most times. 

The Routine

Instead of actually talking to someone or clearing out issues, you just fall into your monotonous routine.
  • Get out of bed
  • Get that coffee going
  • Pack your bags
  • Pull out your clothes
  • Cram in a sandwich
  • Pick your stuff and rush 
Somedays you wonder how you got through the day. Other times you feel this crushing weight of impending doom, that you can do absolutely nothing about. It isn't depression, it isn't about being sad. It is just the mundanity of it all.

The Socializing

Talking to people takes effort on days like these. You realize how social others are, and how "not in the mood" you are. Time just doesn't go fast enough. Everything pulses to the same monotonous beat and all you can do is somehow go through the motions, get to the finish line. Except, at no time are you able to really let go and think for a while.

The Smile

You plaster on that fake smile you muster from Heaven knows where and you deal with stuff as best as you can. It is most important that nobody notices. For if they do, there are going to be many questions. Questions you don't know the answers to. Questions that still need further consideration.

You don't need questions in your life right then. You just want the soothing familiarity of everything routine. People shouldn't know. It'll just take more effort on your part to make them understand. You'd rather pretend every single thing is in place and that everything is just peachy. Your plastered smile isn't as fake as you feel. You can still do this.

The End

You count hours till the end of the day. Maybe even minutes. The routine helps though. It always helps. And so does the smile. "Fake it, until you make it", right?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Morning Walk and a Movie

Unfortunate circumstances make the best of stories...

I shrugged on my baggiest top and heaved my roomiest satchel up one shoulder and looked at the mirror.
"Will do."

*ping* Priya: You coming?
Me: Just leaving home.

"Bye MAAA!"
And then I shut the door. (*bang*)
Image result for smirk  gif

Smirking on having managed to irk my mother even at 10 in the morning, I started hurrying down the road. No autos, just walking. 

Back Story:
I hadn't met Priya in a while. We were going to meet Suvechha at the hall and even her and I simply exchanged half-hearted "hi's" and "hellos" at college.
None of that mattered though. One of us was in trouble, so all of us were going out.

The Movie (...)
Judwa 2 is not Judwa 1, but Judwa 2 is almost Judwa 1.
Image result for judwa2 gifImage result for judwa2 gif
Get it? No?
That's alright.

I grabbed the popcorn, Priya got our tickets....and Suvechha came in late.
No surprise there.

Once we got into our seats though, Priya felt this really strong urge to check her phone and that lead to a lot of popcorn landing right on our feet.
Image result for spilling food gif
Me: "Nice. Very very nice."
Suvechha: "SAVE THE FOOD!"
Priya: "Ok ok, I'm on it!"

We didn't really do a great job though. There was still some popcorn on the floor.
No matter. Suvechha and Priya shoved it right under the seats in front of us, while I was still trying to talk them out of it.

Suvechha: "Sanchari you should help."
Me: "No way, I'm the sensible one" 
*I spilt a little cold drink*
Priya: "Right XD"
Image result for judwa2 gif
Thankfully, our Bollywood movie started right then, with a cranked up Bollywood music number. Safe to say, our movie went well, between 
Image result for girls laughing gif
  • Passing vile comments at crappy scenes
  • Eyeing the villain wayyyyy too long, in ways too wrong (eye-candy)
Image result for vivan bhatena gif
  • Staying awake through really bad jokes
  • Stalling peeing to sit through the scenes
  • and spilling some more food and drinks ( don't judge.)
My friends aren't crazy, or amazing, or loveable, or cute or just any one thing.
They are them and that's why I love them....

Which is why I dragged them along for an hour long walk.

Suvechha whined and Priya seemed a little worried but then I calmed them down with the typically Bengali dialogue "Eiitto, pouche gechi! Just aar ektu!"

Translation: We're almost there! Juuust a little more.

Of course, they didn't believe me. That doesn't mean they wouldn't walk. That's because there's nothing better than walking and talking when there's simply too much to talk about. 

From Priya's "We should always stay single" to my "Damn, boy's are irritating" to Suvechha's "I can't walk anymore, I'll faint right here"...
We were somehow able to reach my favourite lake in the city. 
  • Deep deep discussions
  • Too many selfies
  • Avoiding couples all the way in and then all the way back
  • Priya singing really old Hindi songs
  • Suvechha huffing on the bench
  • Image result for girl gang gif
Priya: You know, all of this doesn't make sense
Suvechha: I need water
Me: You know, I agree with you. The world is just not worth it.
Priya: We try so hard. 
Me: And then it takes so little to fall apart.
Priya: But how can the universe be so cruel
Me: Fuck the world. We should totally stay away from all things non-fun.
Suvechha: ... We need cold drinks.
Priya: What?...
Image result for girl gang gif

Of course, we got Suvechha her cold drink, after another 30-minute long walk, which I dragged the girls through.  <3
Couldn't let her faint on us. How do you think we'd carry her??

Image result for cold drinks gif

Sunday, August 6, 2017

2,500 views...Almost there

Hey there

This post is just a huge THANK YOU to all my lovely readers.
The City Girl is almost going to hit 2,500 views and I promise to put up posts on any of your suggestions as soon as the target is achieved!

Guest posts are gonna be put up here from amateur and experienced bloggers alike from the next week. (contact via profile if you're a writer)
Stay tuned for more and THANKS again. :D

#BookChat on comments section

Sunday, July 23, 2017

How to Groom a Groom Classes (Part1)

Ethics classes at Loreto college, in the third year, are different.

Quite... different...

As a young lady, the extent of your education or skill set should not depend upon how well you can cook "butter chicken" or how nicely you drape your saree.

To be honest, I can't do either very well.

But the bottom line is that I'm willing to learn all of that, for my sake and not for the purpose of bagging the next best groom on an online match-making website.

Image result for happy gif

Gender based qualifications required for marriage:

Sister (our principal), started class by reciting a few posts put up on a certain match making website.

Interestingly...the guy's resume would go something like this...."Tall banker/engineer/doctor/etc. earning --- of 40 years, coming from well educated Brahmin/Kshatriya family. Looking for fair complexioned, 5'4" or taller girl between ages 20-30, coming from good Brahmin family."

Image result for matrimony gif

And vice versa for the prospective bride's ad.
Image result for umm gif


In India or say most other places...the educational as well as economic qualifications of a prospective groom would matter most. 

While at the same time, the prospective bride should definitely be a great beauty disregarding her aptitude for a job or her annual/monthly income. 

When Sister asked what kind of a guy do you Young Ladies like?

Out of a class of about 260 final year students...we came up with only 3 physical characteristics, which were again subjective to different perspectives.

When it came to morals, beliefs, ideas and personality attributes though... My batch mates surprised even themselves.

We came up with a total of 53 personality related attributes and values.

Image result for matrimony gif

I asked the guys as well:

Men, of course, I don't want you to feel left out. 

So I tried asking a few male friends, what their kind of "woman" would be.

When they said "men are physical creatures", they weren't kidding.

Image result for mr darcy gif

Apparently to notice a woman you first look for their physical aspects and then... If they feel she is fun to be around... will they make the effort to stay around.

Then again, in the long term, most guys believe their woman should have her own sense of individuality and independence.

In the end:

All our choices vary. No two people are the same. Men and women do differ though.

From the way they think about matters, to the way they operate. 

But, that does not mean you bring in your prejudices into the next level of a relationship.

Before you even consider getting married, you would have to establish yourself as an individual who can actually operate on your own.

Otherwise, what is the point of bringing in the extra responsibility that comes from being a couple.?

Ladies, you do not need an excuse to stay single. It's a choice, just like any other and you're the one who's ultimately going to have to make it.

Image result for rebel woman gif

Monday, July 17, 2017

Flipping Off Your "Humanity Switch"

You may have come across people in daily life who have the ability to completely turn off their emotions for a while.

People belonging to the "Vampire Diaries" fandom, know exactly what I'm talking about.

What is this "Humanity Switch"?

Basically, according to Damon, you can flip your humanity on and off as and when you wish to. 

Switching it off lets a vampire detach his/her actions from any emotional judgment or guilt. This is the excuse these creatures have for killing ruthlessly and actually consuming a nutritious diet of blood, blood and just blood.

Can we do it?


Upon whether you really want to, whether you have the will to flip it off or whether the situation demands such a thing of you.

You may have seen...

Some people are able to keep a check on their emotions for a certain time and then simply break down once they are ready to. 

Of course, this isn't a healthy way of dealing with problems...but then, what is?

Flipping off emotions, even if for a day or two can help detox. Just stop whatever you are doing. 
That involves 
  • thinking
  • crying
  • pacing
  • whining
  • running
  • etc.

As Sherlock said...

"Personally, I do not have a single spark of humanity."

Technically it isn't possible for humans to flip off their humanity. But it is possible to choose not to feel.

In fact, research has indicated that individuals with extremely high IQs may not have proportionately high EQs (emotional quotient).

Not every person is the same and no event the exact replica of another. So don't worry if nothing else helps you out of a sticky situation. 

Sherlock Holmes, Abert Einstein, Tony Stark and other fictional, as well as real life individuals, have been known to be able to simply flip off their emotions. If they can, you can.

But then... always remember to flip it back on, because even Damon agreed that "If you want to be bad, be bad with a purpose otherwise you're not worth forgiving."Image result for be bad with a purpose damon

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Love Hurts: The Story of a Shoe Bite!

Shoes are bare necessities and that... is a fact of life (ahem).

For any other half-crazed shopaholic young woman out there, it makes perfect sense to buy shoes almost every month and probably splurge a few times in between as well.

Why we love them:

They support you like no other. 

They always let you watch your step.

They never let your feet touch the ground.

How can you not love any object that actually allows you to achieve all these almost impossible tasks?
Image result for shoes gif

How they repay us:

Bought a new shoe recently?

Tried it on? Well, good for you. You know the money was well spent. 

But then again... what happens when you forget that the shoe is new even though it's practically your favourite pair now? 

For all the love and care you show to your shoes, it's unfair to not receive such love and affection from them during the first few days of your relationship.

It's gonna hurt and you know it:

Each and every one of my readers out there; you must remember those moments complaining about the nasty shoe bite your new pair of lovers have given you?

It isn't fair. It isn't playing by the rules. And most of all, it isn't exactly what you'd signed up for when you saw that pair of shining, sleek new shoes in the store.

It hurts to be hurt by what you love with such passion. And "precaution is better than cure" becomes the anthem of your life.

That is the reason we always make it a point to carry bandaids around...just in case. (No? Ok maybe just me)

Luckily, it gets better:

Even after all that hurt and dejection, as with every other problematic situation, your shoes do start loving you back at some point.

They fit perfectly already. After the initial few days, you don't even face much problem strutting around in them.

After all, if it weren't for constant, dedicated, unconditional and undying love... where would we be?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Closest Friends

Summers are lazy, winters are sleepy and rainy days too risky. You will never get used to the tropical climate in India and the afternoon showers just before the monsoons will drive you crazy at times.

For times like these and for the sake of your sanity, if you are almost in your twenties and still living with your parents just like I am... here are 10 weird things you could do with a friend, just because you can:

1. A hunting you can go:

  • Go food stall hunting
  • Go ice cream parlour hunting
  • Go hunting for the next best place you could double date at
  • Better ...go hunting for inspiration to get up and go elsewhere
There is no end to the kind of exploring you can do, when you have a friend with you. It becomes easier to handle windy roads and unknown crowds, new places and exciting tours.

2. Nap:

There are times when you just want to be alone, but do not want to feel lonely. Weird, I know... but it happens and you know it.

So here's what you can do...
Knock on a friend's door, barge into their room, punch a pillow and just go to sleep. Here's why...
  • Your friend is used to this kind of behaviour from you
  • What's is expected of you by him/her
  • It's more comfortable to know that you'll have food ready when you wake up with a cool drink too ( because Indians are so hospitable)
  • Also your friend knows there's something you need to talk about and is going to be there, just because.

3. Make plans for a movie on an Impulse:

They can't say no. You'll just drag them to some movie hall and make them sit with you throughout it... and they know it.

You get to see the movie with someone you actually like and they get to whine about it till your ears hurt and feel numb. Win-win situation all-in-all.

4. Shopping Spree:

Face it... shopping on your own is never as much fun as shopping with a friend. You guys are going to
  •  try out the most hilarious outfits
  • click crazy changing room pictures that you only share with each other and have promised to take to your grave with you
  • successfully trial and eventually find the pair of jeans that is just right practically everywhere
  • and last but not least... help each other carry your plunder with pleasure.

5. Solve the problem gnawing at your feet:

Talking things out with someone close to you is always a good idea. Nothing good comes out of stewing you head over the same problem a million times. 

So pick up your behind and step into your friend's place to have that conversation about that one thing (usually, a ton of other things too) that is/are bothering you. 

You may be surprised by how understanding your friend can be and may even be able to help him/her in some problem they are stuck with too.

6. Just do it:

Remember that rock climbing expedition you wanted to go on? Or the trip to Manali you have postponing since forever? Or the new haircut you are simply dying to try out but cannot gather the guts to?

Well pick a gutsy friend who you know will be able to talk you into these or even better, accompany you in these or do them along with you and just "do it".

7. Learn Something new:

How best do you enjoy learning something entirely new like a foreign language or picking up cords to a new song on your guitar?

Answer: One crazy friend who is ready to try anything along with you.

8. Take a Walk:

Scientists believe that a 20 minute walk at the start or the end of the day lets you think about everything from different perspectives and analyse various solutions to a single problem.

But when you have a friend along with you, it just adds more ideas into the same equation.

Never underestimate the power of true friendship. From a gloomy day to the best adventure you've ever had, it is a solid good friend who you will always have by your side. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Meeting Milind Soman

We met Milind Soman...

On the way back home...

In front of Flurys, Park Street...
Image result for milind soman gif

I've been reading stories and checking articles on Milind Soman since I was 12. 

To actually meet him out of the blue was something I'd never have been able to prepare for...

So as a posse of girls from Loreto walked back towards the metro from an inter-collegiate fest...who do we "bump" into, but Milind Soman, accompanied by a few of his people!

One of us recognized him...

Pragya spun around, disrupting her phone call with a slight movement and whispered "Isn't that Milind Soman?"

Now that's not a question you are asked everyday, is it?

Me being me, I tripped over (again) in my hurry to confirm her observations. And there he was, standing on the steps to Flurys, speaking to his PA about the Pinkathon.
Image result for milind soman

He looks so much better in Real Life:

Dressed in a casual black tee and jeans, with his signature salt and pepper hair, he had his hands in his pockets and we just stood there...for sometime...taking it all in...

Where we speak to him...

After a few nudges and an exchange of hurried whispers that went something like this... "shall we speak to him?", "can we speak to him?", "are those actual body gaurds beside him?"... around 5 of us approached his guards asking, "Can we speak to Mr. Soman????"

They just said, "You can try..."

There was no stopping us after that. The conversation basically consisted of him inviting our college to the Pinkathon and Pragya and a few others conversing with him and his PA (and with me simply standing and staring...).
Image result for milind soman

He shook hands with us and was on his way, before we fully realized, what had just happened. And thus...there were around 13 girls in the middle of the sidewalk squealing with excitement (including a little jumping up and down) in no time. 

We eventually calmed down...of course...maybe...

The Simple Supermodel

What touched me most about this man was his down-to-earth attitude and his belief in a cause that has shaken this decade. His actions and past achievements have set him way above the league of ordinary men. He is inspiration and motivation personified.
Image result for milind soman

Meeting Milind Soman... is something I hadn't bargained for, this soon. Your stories on Milind Soman and how he affected you, even in the slightest way possible, are welcome in the comment box below :)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Watching Logan: A Rainy Day Adventure

Bunking classes to watch a movie isn't your usual kind of day if you're studying here, at Loreto. You need insider knowledge, tracking skills, a lot of guts and a crazy group of people to actually consider it.

After a morning of practically no classes, sleep inducing guest speeches and first day summer showers, 5 of us decided to simply "bunk it". We were all for staying in and taking selfies till the bell rang to announce the end of the day... until someone suggested we go watch "LOGAN".
Image result for logan wolverine laura gif

You see, among a gang of girls with the ultimate Hugh Jackman fans, such a suggestion cannot really be put down...
Related image
It was five to one on our watches...break ended at one. There wasn't much time to think, plan or even run. You see, in our college, bunking is a serious issue. And why wouldn't it be when even your Principal knows each and every student's name by heart. (Scary, I know.)

It was pouring outside and none of us brainiacs had an umbrella on us. We were actually in the girl's washroom checking show timings to see if we could make it, at 12:57.
Image result for checking the watch gif
 Mrigakshi and I were on our phones, while Anisha kept a vigilant look out for our department's HOD. Aditi and Oindrila were extremely helpful as they flailed their hands and bit their nails or kept on saying "HURRY UP!".
Image result for flailing hands gif

There was no way we could move out after 1:00pm because by then our professor would arrive and moving out wouldn't really be an option any more. While I was caught up speculating likely consequences of missing important classes (like the typical Indian student that I am), Mrigakshi proudly announced that there was a show at "Nandan" at 1:30pm. Without another thought, the 5 of us started rushing down the stairs towards the backgate after some debate regarding which set of stairs to use. (We were dodging classes all the while to avoid bumping into our own professor). 

Without umbrellas, clad in ethnic outfits (Women's day after all...), slipping on the wet cement, we somehow made it to the backgate in the rain. And then...I dropped my the drain. (Yep, I'm too clumsy for words and I know it.) Needless to say, Anisha made her debut comment... "Sanchari pick it up, or its gonna literally go down the drain". Saving you the gory details of how I retrieved my specs from the stupid drain, I'm just going to move on...
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So we reach the ATM (because our society isn't really as cashless as the government would like it to be) and wonder of wonders....find 3 shut in a row. At this point, we were totally drenched and there was no turning back. At last we found an ATM which for a change was in perfect working order. Meeting at the bus stand with the others, Anisha and Oindrila started to feel queasy about the plans. 
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Literally forcing them along, Mrigakshi was equally determined to watch the film. On the bus, we broke out laughing, for this was one of the craziest days ever...with me and my guttery spectacles (stowed safely in my bag) Mrigakshi's hair looking like a puffy cloud, Oindrila and Anisha being wet to the core and Aditi scolding the bus conductor for some ridiculous reason. The other passengers on the bus immediately assessed our situation (for we aren't very soft-spoken in public, or anywhere for that matter) and were pretty amused by it all.
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On reaching our destination (exactly 5 minutes before the show), we ran towards the gates, leaving the shelter that our creaky old bus had offered before. We did get our tickets and then moved in, but not before Aditi wringing the water out of our dupattas (because she is the most muscular among us....pun intended). Anisha complained all the way up there, how she and all of us were gonna catch a cold before "Interval" came. 

And there we were, at 1:30 in the afternoon, watching "Logan", while we shivered from head to toe, totally drenched, with our hair plastered to our faces, simply functioning on adrenaline. Let me just inform you guys that Aditi or Anisha for that matter, aren't really patient people and as you all would agree, when a group of people go to a movie together, there's going to be trouble. Anisha kept on blurting out spoilers, till I threatened to punch her face (which made the guys on my right snicker into oblivion) and Aditi and Oindrila kind of bursted out laughing during a few of the intense scenes. 
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Mrigakshi was an angel...she simply started checking her messages whenever she got bored. 

All in all, we weren't very impressed with watching Logan get thrashed around for the first half of the movie. But the second half was quite something, with the father-daughter duo battling away. I loved the idea of Logan finally having an idea what being a parent feels like and whenever his daughter behaved like him...his expressions were priceless.
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 The same anger, same claws coming out whenever frustrated, same wild beast fighting skills (if not better) and the same argumentative tantrums. 

The demise of Wolverine isn't something we really looked forward to. Yet, we were comforted knowing that this wasn't really the end of the road. We still had his daughter growing up, to look forward to. I for one, was spectacularly impressed with Logan's girl. To be frank, being trained like a human killing machine from the start, made her a better fighter than Wolverine himself. 
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Her Spanish tantrums and accent were cute in a way only she could pull off. I look forward to go through similar pains to watching this new little character again, in the movie halls.
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Until next time...

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