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The Smile We Fake

There comes a day when you wake up and all you want to is to go back to sleep. Reality isn't what it used to be and doesn't mean as much to you anymore.

Even heaving yourself up from the bed seems like a job. You just throw your right arm over your eyes and stay there wondering for a minute: "Do I really need to wake up today?"
Life doesn't stop though and wait for you to come up to speed. It just goes on. Life has a momentum that is unnerving sometimes, irritating many a times and hard to keep up with most times.  The Routine Instead of actually talking to someone or clearing out issues, you just fall into your monotonous routine. Get out of bedGet that coffee goingPack your bagsPull out your clothesCram in a sandwichPick your stuff and rush  Somedays you wonder how you got through the day. Other times you feel this crushing weight of impending doom, that you can do absolutely nothing about. It isn't depression, it isn't about being sad. It is just the m…
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Morning Walk and a Movie

Unfortunate circumstances make the best of stories...
I shrugged on my baggiest top and heaved my roomiest satchel up one shoulder and looked at the mirror. "Will do."

*ping* Priya: You coming? Me: Just leaving home.
"Bye MAAA!" And then I shut the door. (*bang*)

Smirking on having managed to irk my mother even at 10 in the morning, I started hurrying down the road. No autos, just walking. 
Back Story: I hadn't met Priya in a while. We were going to meet Suvechha at the hall and even her and I simply exchanged half-hearted "hi's" and "hellos" at college. None of that mattered though. One of us was in trouble, so all of us were going out.
The Movie (...) Judwa 2 is not Judwa 1, but Judwa 2 is almost Judwa 1.
Get it? No? That's alright.
I grabbed the popcorn, Priya got our tickets....and Suvechha came in late. No surprise there.
Once we got into our seats though, Priya felt this really strong urge to check her phone and that lead to a lo…

2,500 views...Almost there

Hey there

This post is just a huge THANK YOU to all my lovely readers.
The City Girl is almost going to hit 2,500 views and I promise to put up posts on any of your suggestions as soon as the target is achieved!

Guest posts are gonna be put up here from amateur and experienced bloggers alike from the next week. (contact via profile if you're a writer)
Stay tuned for more and THANKS again. :D

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How to Groom a Groom Classes (Part1)

Ethics classes at Loreto college, in the third year, are different.

Quite... different...

As a young lady, the extent of your education or skill set should not depend upon how well you can cook "butter chicken" or how nicely you drape your saree.

To be honest, I can't do either very well.

But the bottom line is that I'm willing to learn all of that, for my sake and not for the purpose of bagging the next best groom on an online match-making website.

Gender based qualifications required for marriage: Sister (our principal), started class by reciting a few posts put up on a certain match making website.

Interestingly...the guy's resume would go something like this...."Tall banker/engineer/doctor/etc. earning --- of 40 years, coming from well educated Brahmin/Kshatriya family. Looking for fair complexioned, 5'4" or taller girl between ages 20-30, coming from good Brahmin family."

And vice versa for the prospective bride's ad.

Therefore... In …

Flipping Off Your "Humanity Switch"

You may have come across people in daily life who have the ability to completely turn off their emotions for a while.

People belonging to the "Vampire Diaries" fandom, know exactly what I'm talking about.

What is this "Humanity Switch"? Basically, according to Damon, you can flip your humanity on and off as and when you wish to. 
Switching it off lets a vampire detach his/her actions from any emotional judgment or guilt. This is the excuse these creatures have for killing ruthlessly and actually consuming a nutritious diet of blood, blood and just blood.
Can we do it? Depends...
Upon whether you really want to, whether you have the will to flip it off or whether the situation demands such a thing of you.
You may have seen... Some people are able to keep a check on their emotions for a certain time and then simply break down once they are ready to. 
Of course, this isn't a healthy way of dealing with problems...but then, what is?
Flipping off emotions, even…

Love Hurts: The Story of a Shoe Bite!

Shoes are bare necessities and that... is a fact of life (ahem).

For any other half-crazed shopaholic young woman out there, it makes perfect sense to buy shoes almost every month and probably splurge a few times in between as well.
Why we love them: They support you like no other. 
They always let you watch your step.
They never let your feet touch the ground.
How can you not love any object that actually allows you to achieve all these almost impossible tasks?

How they repay us: Bought a new shoe recently?
Tried it on? Well, good for you. You know the money was well spent. 
But then again... what happens when you forget that the shoe is new even though it's practically your favourite pair now? 
For all the love and care you show to your shoes, it's unfair to not receive such love and affection from them during the first few days of your relationship.

It's gonna hurt and you know it: Each and every one of my readers out there; you must remember those moments complaining …

8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Closest Friends

Summers are lazy, winters are sleepy and rainy days too risky. You will never get used to the tropical climate in India and the afternoon showers just before the monsoons will drive you crazy at times.

For times like these and for the sake of your sanity, if you are almost in your twenties and still living with your parents just like I am... here are 10 weird things you could do with a friend, just because you can:
1. A hunting you can go:Go food stall huntingGo ice cream parlour huntingGo hunting for the next best place you could double date atBetter ...go hunting for inspiration to get up and go elsewhere There is no end to the kind of exploring you can do, when you have a friend with you. It becomes easier to handle windy roads and unknown crowds, new places and exciting tours.
2. Nap: There are times when you just want to be alone, but do not want to feel lonely. Weird, I know... but it happens and you know it.
So here's what you can do... Knock on a friend's door, barge …